Pictures Lost in Time

       As many of you know in the summer of 2008, I went on a tour across Europe with my mom. We got the opportunity to travel through Spain, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Now as luck may have it, when I came out of the plane and grabbed my camera to take a picture, the screen of my camera was completely wrecked. I was able to take a few pictures, but I couldn’t see what I was taking a picture of. After a while the camera was so wrecked it wouldn’t even turn on. Something like this would happen to me! So my mom and I were forced to buy disposable cameras and take pictures with those. It was the only possible alternative we had at the moment and for the most part it was okay. Eventually, we came back home from our trip with tons of luggage and bags. Because everyone and their moms wanted a souvenir. We ended up misplacing the bag with all the disposable cameras and all the pictures inside it. At the moment it was okay because the memory card in my broken camera had salvaged a few good pictures, Ignoring all the awkward floor pictures, and it was enough to show our friends and family. Unfortunately, bad luck struck again and a computer accident led to all my documents, pictures and all, to be wiped off of my hard drive. With those pictures being lost and the disposable cameras never to be found, those pictures and memories were lost in time. Today we were finally brushed with good luck; as I was going through some old boxes I came across a very old looking book bag. What did I find inside you may ask? None other then the disposable cameras I had lost long ago. I found a few old maps, pamphlets, and nine disposable cameras holding 27 pictures each. That’s 243 pictures of Europe that I thought were lost forever! Now, because times have changed and developing film is actually kind of expensive, especially for the 243 pictures, I decided to make a project of it. Why not every week or so develop one camera at a time? That way I could make looking through those pictures an experience. It will give me the chance to extend me reminiscing for a couple of weeks and allow me to value the pictures much more    

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