Marketing Books

Since I made the decision to go into marketing pretty late in the game and don’t have access to the marketing classes in the business school, I have decided to go about teaching myself. That it what a liberal education is really about isn’t it. Learning from a variety of fields and about subjects that interest you. So I took to the Internet and went through tons of books recommended for people thinking about going into marketing and I finally got my first three. The first is “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, which focuses on what influences people to say yes to certain things. It teaches you six principles of persuasion, how to persuade others, and how to not be persuaded in return. The Second is “Made to Sick”, which teaches you about what makes an idea “stick” or become popular. It goes over the five key elements that one can apply to their idea to make them sticky. The last book on my list is “Guerrilla Marketing”, which focuses on different strategies for marketing across the Internet. This book emphasis the rise of new technology, as well as how you can use it to improve your marketing strategies. My goal with these books is to gain more of a fundamental knowledge behind marketing and improve on marketing strategies.

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