GovBall VIP Status

       This weekend was so amazing that it absolutely deserved a spot on my blog. As most of you know, through my constant humble bragging all over social media for that I apologize, but not really: I got the chance to work at Governor’s Ball. The reason I got this opportunity was because the coordinators of GovBall actually got cupcakes from the shop I work in. They would allow us to go to the event if we handed out cupcakes in their performers lounge. Now I went under the impression that I would probably have to work inside an average room and not really get to see much of the shows or Artist. However, I was incredibly wrong about that. Either way, I still asked to go on Friday in hopes of getting chance to see Bastille and the 1975 backstage. Which for the record I got to see them both backstage! Once I got to the event my coworker and I were warmly greeted by the person in charge of the Performance Lounge, she told us it was completely fine for one us to see the concerts and go out and about as long as one person stayed at our table. So as you can imagine, I had quite a ball! After working the first day, enjoying all the free stuff, getting the chance to see the 1975 & Bastille back stage and front row at their concert I had already measured it as a great weekend. 
It wasn’t until later that night, when I found out my pass was good for the rest of the weekend, that I really understood how great of a time I would eventually have. Not only did I get to enjoy Friday, but I also got to come back Saturday and Sunday, not as a worker, but as a guest with the same VIP access. Which means that I got to enjoy all those things I had enjoyed before without the guilt of having to head back to my table. I got to roam all of Governors ball as I pleased. It was actually one of the best weekends of my life. All of the artist I got to meet were all like regular people, they were super friendly, and were open to talking to everyone. I started this blog with high hopes for the year 2014, and it’s honestly living up to its potential. I got practically a free trip to Cuba, a free senator pass to GovBall, what will come next? Hopefully the laws of attraction continue to give me great opportunities this year because I am really excited of what is yet to come. Now the performance Lounge was incredible, they had: iced coffee, message tables, open bar, oysters, juice generation, coconut water, the list goes on and on. Now since we needed to people to go in and out we were granted Senator clearance. The ranking goes: General, VIP, Press, Senator, and Governor: which was solely for the performers, friends of performers and the backstage GovBall employees. This ranking gave me access to go into all the performer hangout spots, all the VIP sections of each stage, and access to all the free amenities.

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