54 Days til Cuba

            I am so excited for my trip to Cuba; I am literally counting down the days. For those of you that don’t know, in March I’m going on a study tour in Cuba with Fordham for a week. What makes this trip exceptional, besides the fact that it’s Cuba, is that Fordham is paying over 70% of the trip for me. This opportunity has been absolutely amazing and has made be twice as excited to go. I’ve been researching key things you have to do in Cuba, so I can get the most out of this trip. I have to try Cuban rum (apparently is not available anywhere else). I’m not really a fan of cigars but since I am already there I might try a Cuban cigar. Being a frequent coffee drinker, I’m so eager to try the Cuban coffee. I want to try that authentic cup of real and natural Cuban coffee. While I was looking online, I came across this awesome activity that I am excited to try once I get to Cuba. Since Cuba is filled with vintage cars from the 1950’s, you can actually get the drivers to drive you around the city in one of those cars and visit Cuban landmarks. That would literally be so awesome to get to ride along in one of those cars. I can’t wait to visit the Malecón, the Plaza de San Francisco de Asìs, and Plaza de la Revolución. There are so many beautiful things about Cuba, my list is going to be extensive hopefully I can complete everything while I’m there. If you guys know of anything I have to do while I’m there let me know.

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