Self Reflecting on London

            On November 19th, I took somewhat of a spontaneous trip to London. A few of my friends were studying abroad there for the semester and offered me an apartment to stay in. After thinking about it long and hard, I decided to just take a chance and do it because ‘carpe diem’ right? I bought my flight and I tried to tell the bare minimum of people about my trip, until the day of when I posted a picture of my flight ticket on my Instagram So I boarded my flight and headed out to London where I had the most amazing experience, and met awesome people in the process. I only spent a week in London, so I tried to jam pack as much as I possible could. Coming back from my trip, I took a bit of time to self reflect on the notes section of my phone and this is what I wrote: Everyone tells you that traveling abroad changes you and they were right. However, I was under the impression that immediately after you landed in an unfamiliar place and noticed the different culture you would feel it. I was wrong you do not immediately feel this change in yourself, nor do you feel it half way through your trip. I attempted many times to self reflect but I still felt like the same person. I was afraid that this feeling everyone always talked about, that inspired me so much to travel was either just a myth or I did something wrong. It wasn’t until I arrived back in NYC, went home, went about my normal routine that I was able to wake up and realize I had changed. I cannot say exactly how I have changed but I feel different. Just looking at normal things I used to look at every day, I saw them differently. Even talking with some of my friends I felt that I couldn’t talk about the same everyday thing. Through this self reflection I learned change isn’t just about leaving your county and experiencing something new, the change existed consisted in taking everything you experiences and coming back to your everyday life and seeing them with a different view or a different mindset.  

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