I'm Off to Cuba

Ever since I was kid, I've had this tradition I follow before a trip. Right before I'm about to leave for the airport, I'll write a quick reflection about how I feel in that moment. Clearly I wanted to be a writer since adolescence. I figured now that I have this blog, I might as well share my thoughts with the rest of you. I am leaving for my flight in a few hours; I'll be spending the night in Miami and then leaving Saturday morning for Cuba. Somehow it still doesn't feel real, it doesn't feel like I'm going to be in Cuba in a day’s time. As always my anxiety level is at a high. Hahahah. No matter how frequently I travel, I can never get rid of that preflight anxiety. At least I know that the moment I get on that plane, all that anxiety will turn into pure excitement. I am so excited for this trip because unlike my other trips, I don't know what to expect. Few people have gotten the chance to see Cuba for themselves so there isn't too much advice out there. Although, I'm completely fine with exploring the mystery behind Cuba. I cannot wait to go walking through the streets of Havana and find hidden gems throughout the city. I'm packed and I'm ready. Wish me luck! 

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